Shattered Lives Book Cover
Shattered Lives looks at the asbestos tragedy in Australia through a fresh perspective: the real-life stories of people who have been through it. Its chief focus is on ordinary people caught up in this modern tragedy, but the book also reveals how it was possible for such a disaster to occur and why people all over the world continue to die of asbestos diseases.

Shattered Lives tells the personal stories of asbestos victims, showing their remarkable resilience and zest for life and their devotion to family and friends. These human stories are set against the historical background of the corporations and industries that unleashed the asbestos tragedy on Australia.


Invaluable contributions to Shattered Lives came from people who have experienced the asbestos tragedy. Special thanks go to those men and women whose stories are told in the book. Thanks also go to staff of the Asbestos Society of Australia and the Maritime Union of Australia for facilitating interviews and providing background information.